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Our Story

BILLWAZE Founder and CEO, Jeff Liebov, left corporate America back in the early 2000’s to pursue his dreams of starting his own IT Consulting business. He was challenged early on by having to manually calculate hours, convert them to dollars owed, put them into a manually created invoice, mail them out, chase customers, and figure out who owed what. It became extremely tedious, cumbersome, and time intensive that became near impossible to manage and scale.

Desperate to break the billing cycle nightmare, Jeff tried almost every off-the-shelf and web-based billing solution on the market. However, the most popular products on the market were either not tailored enough to IT consultants or the more bells and whistles they offered, the more complicated, confusing, and completely un-intuitive these products were.

Jeff eventually teamed up with a few industry colleagues who all had years of similar experiences, frustrations and pain when it came to managing billing. Together, they custom-built BILLWAZE to address the specific billing needs of managed service providers and IT consultants that will deliver results year after year.


Today we are a small but mighty team, and WE LOVE SIMPLIFYING! By making it simple and giving you access to features you need most, you get your job done faster and with less hangover. 


User Reviews

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    “We absolutely love BILLWAZE as it helps us save time. It automatically invoices, does automated follow-ups, and even charges late fees when we tell it to. When picking the right tool for our business, we needed a simple solution where we were able to onboard and pickup quickly to make our lives easier. BILLWAZE did that and more!”

    ISP Manager
    Evette B.

    ISP Manager

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    “I was in the market for an all-around billing business software that spoke specifically to MSPs, and well, good things come to those who wait. BILLWAZE makes it so simple to support our clients and collaborate between our employees. Also, when we needed them, BILLWAZE support was really great.”

    Jerry N.

    MSP Managing Director

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    “The ticketing feature was key in my selection of BILLWAZE. Not only am I able to track if SLAs are being met, but work done on tickets are billed for automatically. This saves me countless hours every month. Another time saver is not having to use multiple products as everything can be done natively in BILLWAZE which is a huge plus.”

    Joshua F

    IT Solopreneur

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    A simple tool that helps grow and scale my professional services business. The built in timer to track my time worked is extremely helpful. The instant invoice method and automated invoicing for my subscriptions services allows me to easily bill me clients. I also really love how the product integrates seamlessly with Stripe and how it learns and grades a customer’s payment history. Definitely a winner.

    Stephanie B.


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