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Manage billing for multiple MSP and IT Consulting clients from a single platform. Configure and automate processes specific to each client and ensure profitable IT service delivery.


Keeping track of all your client interactions and billing charges is a snap. Our simple to use ticketing system will keep track of your client communications and all the interaction and steps you’ve done to assist them. Along the way, our ticketing tool will also keep tabs on the parts within the tickets that are chargeable.

  • Powerful and Easy to Use Ticketing – Document and keep track of clients service requests, classify under different severity levels, assign tasks to your team, and resolve open issues.
  • Schedule and Manage Daily Tasks – Make appointments, alert team members of upcoming tasks and work more efficiently as a group. Instantly know who is working on what. See what’s urgent and waiting to be addressed. You’ll know how to direct your team, get things done and service your clients in a way that’s most effective and makes you more profitable.
  • Billing Integration – The ticketing system is completely integrated with our powerful billing engine so you don’t have to use multiple systems. Simply close out a ticket and seamlessly your client will be billed for the billing portion of your tickets automatically.
  • Service Contracts Integration – You no longer have to know which devices are covered under a service contract. Simply select which device you’re servicing, and we will automatically know which devices to bill and which not.



Ever had a hard time keeping track of the time you spent doing work for your clients – just to lose money, month after month because you had no good way to track it? How much money did you lose as a result – thousands, maybe more? Our time tracking tool helps you reclaim your cash and your sanity.

  • Time Capture – Start and stop the timer at a job site, on a phone call or whenever you need to track billable time. The timer keeps on counting every time you need to track how long you’re working for your client.
  • Track Everything – Forget having to remember which employee did what and when. In a glance, you’ll be able to see an exact breakdown of all work done. Not only do we keep track of the time you worked, with a click of a button, but the time spent is also automatically added to your clients invoice for you.
  • Auto-Bill – Don’t stress about having to remember what, when and whom to bill. We’ll do all that heavy lifting and bill your clients automatically. No need to calculate and round up or down the amount due. We automatically calculate the amount due you and append the charge to your invoice.



Create and send professional invoices in seconds with cloud-enabled billing that leverages automation and smart systems to take the headache out of invoicing your clients.

  • Multi-lingual and Multi-currency – Send invoices to your clients not only in their language, but in their currency. Make base currency adjustments, and easily analyze the revalued balances.
  • Branding and Customization – Select pre-built, professional templates that make your invoices stand out. Add your logo, stay on brand and easily connect with your clients.
  • On-Demand Invoices – Send invoices on-demand or schedule them to auto send at a later date. Keep funds rolling in no matter what you’re focused on. We’ll even tell you when they opened their invoice and notify you with an alert notification when clients paid.
  • Automated Subscriptions and Service Contracts Billing – Save a ton of time on invoicing your clients. If you have regular customers receiving periodic services, set up a recurring billing profile to bill and charge them automatically.



Simplify expense tracking and know where you’re spending your company’s money. Easily enter company expenses, upload receipts, classify your purchases, and manage your reimbursable expenses. Know at a glance what you’re spending and how profitable you are, without the hassle.

  • Upload or Import Receipts – Eliminate hours spent on tracking receipts. Easily upload and import them into your account and never lose or misfile your receipts again.
  • Expense Approval System – Ensure what’s being purchased by your employees are actually what’s needed. Manage the approval of company expenses in a flash with our easy approval feature.
  • Automate Recurring Expenses – If you have expenses that need to be recorded periodically, set up a recurring expense and save time spent on creating them again.
  • Expense Tracking – Always keep track of how much you spend. Access our unique set of charts and reporting features that let you quickly and easily see a complete breakdown of your expenses for easy analysis and to take control of your bottom line.




Stop waiting for snail mail check deliveries. Make it easy for your clients to send online invoice payments. Get paid faster and with less back and forth.

  • Accept Payments Online – Start accepting digital payments by Credit Cards or ACH. Set up your preferred payment gateway via STRIPE, PayPal, or Authorize.net and instantly improve your cash flow. Best of all, we don’t charge you markup fees.
  • Automate Payment Reminders – Get rid of the painful process of following up on clients that don’t pay. Set parameters for when and how often to send automated and customizable payment email reminders to your clients.
  • Charge Late Fees – Discourage delinquent payment habits by charging a late fee. Set your account to designate late fees to individual accounts and apply it to invoices.
  • Convenient Client Portal – Our exclusive client portal is a simple to use interface that empowers your clients and affords them an easy way to manage their entire account on the web. They’ll be able to see their entire account balance, how much is due, all open invoices, as well as pay right then and there. They’ll even be able to see all the payments they made, minimizing the number of calls you would normally get.


Billwaze payments dashboard


Instantly see how well your business is performing and know where you stand with each of your clients. Our reports and insights help you grow your MSP and IT Consulting business confidently.

  • Pay Grade – Automatically monitors your clients paying habits and assigns them a grade based on how quickly they pay you. Helps avoid troubled clients bringing you down, eating up your time and resources and inhibiting you from growing your business and making money.
  • Report Card – Instantly gauge your relationship with a client. With just a click, view the total revenue earned, their pay grade, last issued invoices, credit and retainer balance, day they bill on, hourly rates and so on.
  • Real-time Dashboard – With a simple to use dashboard that provides at-a-glance charts and graphs to all of what you need to know over a 12 month period. Visually see your sales and revenue streams, workload, and expenses. If you have employees, gauge their productivity. See where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re heading.

Interactive Dashboard

Built-in real-time dashboard keeps track of your all your sales over time allowing you to see where you are making and losing money, spot upsell opportunities, and forecast sales and resources.

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