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“I’ve been using the same invoicing software for the past 15 years. I love everything about it EXCEPT it doesn’t allow credit card payments. It was fine when most businesses paid by cheque. But in 2020 it doesn’t cut it. I tested out a few invoicing options but none had all the features I wanted, until BILLWAZE. I love how easy it was to set up and send my first invoice. The built-in timer for hourly billing is exactly what I need. I look forward to using BILLWAZE for many years to come.”

Evette B.

Small Business Owner

“I was in the market for a invoicing software that spoke to freelancers and, well, good things come to those who wait. I signed up and had an invoice out within minutes. Be sure to take advantage of their super professional looking templates. Support via live chat is amazing! Nothing but good things to say about the entire team at BILLWAZE. I’d highly recommend them.”

Jerry N.


“They’ve literally taken everything I used to stress about when using multiple programs and combined it into one. For me, I love that tickets are automatically billed for every month.  Administratively not having to remember when to bill a client is huge as they do it for me automatically.”

Joshua F.


If Cashflow is King
then Ezbilling360 is the Queen

“You can conquer the “Game of Invoicing” with BILLWAZE. It makes the dredging invoicing process so easy with its well-designed UX and excellent features, you can tell that it has been designed with the User in mind. I actually found it fun – can’t believe it 😉 I love the white-label client portal and with the future Ticketing coming – it would help you run your business like a well oiled machined – no more excuses for getting paid late, well at least from your side, The support is great and very proactive to want to understand your business issues so that they can consider how they can help. Conquer invoicing and rule like a King, with BILLWAZE next to your throne.”

Destiny G.

Graphic Designer

Amazing App


“I have been running my own business for some time now and have always seen the process of billing a client/customer as a necessary EVIL! It was time-consuming, arduous, and always felt as if I might have missed something. Not so with BILLWAZE. All I can say about this product and the directions they plan to go is … WOW! It really is easy, but it still comes out so professional. Two words that do not seem to want to be in the same sentence. I love it.”

Kent V.

Web Developer

Easy to use 


“I have been a loyal Freshbooks user for over 5 years now with my digital agency. Freshbooks is changing their user interface and I don’t like it at all. I tried using the “new look” for a month and went back to their old interface. That was last year… Now they are forcing everyone to change by Nov 3rd 20. I was on the hunt for a replacement billing/invoicing software and voila, came across BILLWAZE. I want to say that this software really is a breath of fresh air. From the ease of setup & use, this software now helps me more focus on getting my work done rather than billing and running my business which I hate!”

Robert H.

Senior VP

Making Headlines

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