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BILLWAZE lets you manage subscriptions and service plans for multiple accounts, using accurate billing. You can automatically invoice your clients by creating customized service contracts with them, automate the generation of invoices, define unique service plans, and do much more with the highly customizable BILLWAZE platform.

Jeff Liebov Billwaze

Jeff Liebov is the CEO & Founder of BILLWAZE. Jeff envisioned a simpler way out of the complicated world of accounting apps and created BILLWAZE. As a tool, BILLWAZE makes things easy for those who want to get things done fast, without all the hassle. Jeff and the team are continuously improving the platform and are passionate about making the entire billing process simpler than ever.

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    We looked in a previous article at the methods used to calculate Cost of Good Sold. FIFO and LIFO are two ways of determining that cost. FIFO (First In, First Out) calculates Cost of Goods Sold on the basis that a business’s oldest inventory items are sold first. LIFO (Last In, First Out) on the […]

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